The Saints of October

Session 9

After spending another night in a different hotel (Jensen under an assumed name, Alex in the parking lot), they go to the Belmont in search of Kanoa. Alex, having previously met the manager, Karen, though in a different guise, says that he’s Kanoa’s friend and asks her to call him. She does so, but when Kanoa comes downstairs and Alex makes it clear that he’s armed, the Grub Hub driver retreats to the stairwell. Jensen pursues him discreetly and, in a way that’s meant to be vague but sounds threatening, persuades Kanoa to step outside.

After some forceful cajoling, they get Kanoa into the car and circle the block while they interrogate him. Kanoa explains how a man approached him in the lobby, showed him a photo taken from inside Kanoa’s apartment which he shares with his sister and her children. The man said if Kanoa didn’t do as instructed, that the sister and children would come to harm. The man paid Kanoa $100 to take a Tracphone and leave it in unit 13 at the St. Anthony storage facility. Kanoa draws a rough sketch of the man, which Jensen then improves upon. Jensen texts the drawing to Lt. Creswell and gives his business card to Kanoa with instructions to call if the man contacts him again. At some point in this interaction, Creswell tries to return Jensen’s call and he hangs up on her.

Back at the Belmont, Alex asks Karen to go for a coffee, leaving the manager’s office unattended so that Jensen can watch the security footage. He sees a man in the low-quality footage who bears some resemblance to the man in the drawing. A maintenance man stops by, believes Jensen’s declaration of “Geek Squad” and goes about his work. Alex tries to convince Karen than her volunteer-minded family are all undercover spies and she invites him to her bookclub. By the time they return to the Belmont, Jensen has left the office, and asked the janitor if he recognizes the man in the drawing. He learns that someone who looks similar often visits Denton Kowalski in unit 7. Alex and Jensen meet Denton, who was an uncle to the late, lamented Adam Kowalski, the art history graduate who was murdered five years ago. Denton, blind from macular degeneration, tells them about Clive, a friend of his nephew’s who befriended him after Adam’s death.

They don’t learn much about Clive, only that he visits off and on and brings gifts of books on CD. Alex photographs some articles about Adam in copies of “Academic Horizons” on a bookshelf. One article extols the virtues of Adam’s research, while a later edition contains a brief article hinting at rumors in some scholarly circles that Adam was involved in a low-brow “treasure hunt” for artwork plundered during WWII. Jensen gives his number to Denton, explains that Clive may not be as wholesome as he seems, and asks him to call if Clive comes around soon.

Upon leaving, they encounter the janitor who asks them to help carry bags of salt down to the basement. He tells them about the Belmont’s heyday, and how it has some popular ghost stories, and that both result from the tunnel that connected the Belmont to Liquor Lyle’s during prohibition. He adds that both Liquor Lyle’s and the tunnel still exist.


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