The Saints of October

Session 8

Having placed cameras to observe whoever arrives at the St. Anthony storage facility, Alex and Jensen have time to kill. After another White Castle dinner, Alex gets a phone call from his friend John, last seen at the Spyhouse Coffeeshop. (Jensen thinks John works for the FBI.) Thus hassled, Alex removes the battery from his phone and chucks it in the backseat. From Jensen’s phone, they watch Professor Walsh drive to Hartley’s Antiques. This requires Alex to reassemble his phone and call Gordon Hartley. After some innuendo and mild harassment, they learn that Walsh has gone to the antique shop to inquire about Joey. Walsh has told Gordon that he’s concerned for Joey’s safety as well as his own.

Before too long, they are able to watch someone drive into the storage facility. It’s a sedan with a “Grub Hub” logo on the door. They watch someone get out and open the door to unit 13, and after half a minute the driver returns to his car and leaves. Unit 13 is left open a few inches. They were able to get the license plate number and look it up, learning that the Grub Hub driver is a fellow from Laos, named Kanoa. Slightly before the appointed time (2 a.m.), they go to the storage facility, but no one else arrives. By 2:30 they drive up so that the car’s headlights face unit 13’s door. After a cautious approach, they open the door and see, inside on the floor, a Tracphone. There is a missed call from 2:05.

When they call back, the person who answers says he does want to buy the Death’s Triumphant, and they quibble about the price. Their prospective buyer suggests arranging a meeting at the Mall of America, but they can’t quite reach an agreement on this point. Alex gives the stranger a Google voice number and tells him to call back tomorrow at 2.


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