The Saints of October

Session 18

Following a thorough study of both the Motel 6 and Extended Stay America rooms, Jensen finds another Arizona newspaper article. The first detailed the deaths of Joseph Clarke and Amanda Clarke (nee Fleming), and the second was an opinion piece on a professor serving as legal counsel to his miscreant nephew who’d been arrested for theft. Jensen also found a collection of wigs, beards, and stage makeup. Alex, after photographing the wall covered in pictures and supposition, found an article about the same professor (one Christopher Carson, U of Arizona), but this one was merely an announcement for his retirement. He also found a car rental receipt for two Sentras for Nathan Clarken, and a room key for the Key Inn near New Brighton.

A call from Gordon to Jensen yielded details about Walsh hiring an art forger years ago, and Gordon surmises that Walsh was once very active in the world of stolen and missing artwork, but five years ago he left it entirely. Gordon cuts the call short when someone knocks at his door. Going through their notes and case files, they realize that coincides with the death of Adam Kowalski. They also begin to suspect that the three children mentioned in the article (about the deaths of Joseph and Amanda Clarke) might be Tory, Clive, and a twin brother to Clive. They drive to the Key Inn and find Pastor Jessop, tied to a chair and indignant as ever. She confirms their suspicions, identifying Clive from their photo as the man who abducted her.

They get a call from Gordon’s phone, but it’s a man demanding that they bring the Death’s Triumph to him or he’ll burn Gordon’s house down. They go there directly, and find the interior doused with gasoline and a series of hurricane lanterns lit and tied with strings poised to pull them to the accelerant-soaked floor. Jensen goes upstairs to confront Clive’s twin while Alex locates a fire extinguisher. After exchanging some insulting remarks, Jensen provokes the guy into shooting at him and returns fire. Strings get pulled, lamps overturn, and Jensen has to put out the spreading fire while his assailant climbs down the rose trellis to escape. But Alex runs out the front door to punch Clive’s double into submission, and the police arrive shortly thereafter. Gordon and his house are saved, and they’ve apprehended the serial-killer twins. (Tory, as it turns out, is their older brother who changed his name and put all the distance he could between his murderous siblings and crazy uncle.)


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