The Saints of October

Session 17

As Jensen drives into the parking garage, a patrol car follows. Two officers get out and one goes the ambulance while the other approaches Jensen’s car. The ambulance-bound officer talks to the paramedic through the back door, and the other officer asks Jensen to step out of his vehicle. Before long, the one officer climbs into the ambulance which then leaves. The remaining cop asks Jensen for his license and registration because his car fits the description of one which just left the scene of an accident. When Jensen explains that the car belongs to friend, Rabbi Alexi Jacksonstein, the cop looks up the plates and asks if Anita Lopez is acquainted with either of them. Jensen says he doesn’t know if the Rabbi borrowed the car or not, and the officer says he’ll have to impound the car and that the accident reconstruction team is on their way. After collecting Jensen’s contact information and a (burner) phone number for the good Rabbi, the officer says he’s free to go.

Alex, meanwhile, gets flagged down by a café owner who wants him to settle a dispute between a homeless biker and a patron who insists the biker stole his backpack. Alex, spying an opportunity, tries to get the biker to take the motorcycle, but the biker gets suspicious. The patron urges the café owner to call 911, so Alex leaves and finds a pond to sink the motorcycle in. After that he steals a VW bug and starts for the parking garage to pick up Jensen. On the way, he gets a call from fellow Uber driver Jaren Westover, who says he was flagged down by someone to insisted he give Alex the message that Father Byron was trapped in a dungeon after going to visit the ‘Angry Lady of Eternal Judgements.’

After Alex collects Jensen, they go to the hospital nearest the scene of the accident. Alex finds another Honda so he can leave behind the memorable VW, and Jensen searches for Clive inside the hospital. He finds the officer assigned to guard the suspect, and learns that Clive has been taken upstairs. After trading a few texts with Lt. Creswell, Jensen and the Lt. speak on the phone. She keeps asking about Alex and the officer who was kicked off his motorcycle. Jensen professes to know nothing about that. Creswell asks if he knows anything about St. Dimas. When Jensen insists that the officer on guard duty is insufficient, she agrees to send someone from her precinct.

They head to the Vine St. Church, surmising that the message referred to the basement there. On the drive, Jensen examines the wallet which Alex collected from the coat of the van driver. Inside is a driver’s license belonging to Tory Fleming of Wyoming, and a hotel key card for Extended Stay America.

They get to Vine St. and find Father Byron locked in the church basement. Homeless Eddie emerges to ramble about being smited by God, and Father Byron confirms that the picture of Clive matches the man who locked him in the basement and kidnapped Pastor Jessop. Byron had come to the church to help Jessop identify some Catholic medallions, and adds that Rigby has gone to St. Paul. Jensen calls Creswell with the news of this development and she tells them to take Father Byron to her precinct. While there, Jensen sketches the van driver, and realizes that – minus the beard – he’s looking at the same face on Tory Fleming’s driver’s license.

They investigate Extended Stay America and find the key card leads to a room where someone has spent time watching the neighboring Motel 6 through a pair of binoculars. After sending Alex to look at the room they suspect has been under surveillance, Jensen searches the Extended Stay room and finds books on Modern American Art, a checkbook belonging to Tory Fleming, cash, and an old newspaper article from Tucson. Nearby, Alex studies the Motel 6 room in question and discovers a wall covered in photographs and supposition about how everyone connected to the Death’s Triumph might be connected to one another. He photographs the wall and then searches the room.


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