The Saints of October

Session 16

Alex and Jensen follow the van that appears to be tailing Creswell. But once the lights of the emergency vehicles at the convenience store become visible, the van takes a side street. Alex follows the van, but when they reach a busier street, they get cut off by a Nissan Sentra which, driving erratically, causes a chain reaction of fender-benders. As traffic comes to a halt, none other than Clive exits the Sentra. The old man gets out of the van and takes off on foot up the nearest sidewalk.

As two motorcycle cops descend upon the multiple-accident scene, Jensen leaves the car to pursue the old man, and Alex tries to run down Clive with the car. He manages to strike Clive with the car door, throwing him into a nearby vehicle. With Clive bleeding on the pavement, Alex elects to pursue the old man but stops the car when his quarry runs down an alley. A helpful passerby attemps a citzen’s arrest of the old man – for fleeing the scene of an accident, and is left holding the old man’s dirty coat. In the fracas, the old man loses what turned out to be a fake beard and appears quite a bit younger than he first seemed.

A wallet falls from the filthy coat, which Alex retrieves, only to be accused of theft by the do-gooder what was unsuccessful in his (perhaps first of two) attempt at citizen’s arrest. Ever resourceful, Alex assaults one of the motorcycle cops and steals his ride. The not-so-old man, however, escapes into the crowd at the other end of the alley.

Jensen, seeing Alex has departed on a new set of wheels, commandeers the Civic. Already, Clive has been collected and whisked away by an ambulance. Jensen follows the ambulance but it turns into a parking garage of an office building.


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