The Saints of October

Session 15

Alex receives a reply, to his Lost Art Red Room post, from Carson559, saying that he doesn’t care how many fake pieces of art they destroy. Then, after moving to a new hotel, Jensen gets a call from the manager of the Foshay who says that a maid reported a man impersonating a maintenance worker on their floor. The manager wants to know if they had anything stolen, or had any trouble. Neither Jensen nor Alex have lost any possessions, but Alex reaches out to his contacts for the hotel’s security footage. They see someone who fits Clive’s appearance leaving the stairwell on their floor, and presume he searched their room and saw the 3D printer. They leave the printer (set to replicate a hand flipping the bird) and plant cameras, and find yet another hotel room, for which they pay cash.

Creswell sends Jensen a copy of a Vancouver Sun obituary from last January, detailing the life and death of one James Hillerman, PI. Jensen tries to call the Hillerman they met, and leaves a voicemail. They learn that Hillerman had a younger partner who inherited his clients and old cases. When they call the partner, they learn that he had had his office broken into, and some case files stolen, including the notes on the Maud Parker case.

Alex steals a silver Honda Civic, and swaps the license plates on it. Despite this precaution, Jensen spots a dark SUV following them. They corner the vehicle and discover it’s Pastor Jessop and Madeleiene Rigby. Jessop tells them that her nephew in France has done some more research and believes that the Carson559 handle is being used by at least two different people, and that they (and possible others) are part of an online persona known as the Art Collector. The nephew believes, from messages dating back five years, that the Art Collector caught someone selling forged paintings online. Rigby tells Jensen he needs an alibi for the night before last – she’s heard that there’s a missing-persons inquiry into the whereabouts of Prof Walsh, and that his colleagues at the university described Jensen showing up right before the fire alarm went off in their building.

The go to Creswell’s station so that Jensen can talk with her. She’s concerned about a (likely prank) call placing Jensen and Alex at a convenience store. The caller described them, and someone fitting Walsh’s appearance, as having an altercation in the parking lot. While Jensen goes in to talk with her, Alex replaces the batteries on the tracker on her car, and notices a gray-haired man in a dirty coat watching him from the sidewalk. Jensen overhears her phone conversation when she gets a call from a Detective Montgomery from station five. Montgomery says that Richard Walsh’s body has been found in the dumpster of the aforementioned convenience store. When she leaves to join Montgomery at the scene, they follow and see that she is already being tailed by the dirty-coat man, driving a Metro-Meals-on-Wheels van.


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