The Saints of October

Session 14

While continuing to print out copies of the Death Triumphant statue, Alex and Jensen take the key given to them by James Hillerman and go to the Lock-Up Self Storage across town. They open a storage unit which contains three rolled canvases which all turn out to be near-identical versions of Rubens’ “The Raising of Lazarus”. Though Alex is pretty certain these are forgeries, they decide to get Gordon Hartley’s opinion. They only show him two of the canvases. Gordon agrees that they are modern copies and asks to keep one for closer study. Gordon also tells them about a conversation he’d had with Prof. Walsh over a year ago, and how Walsh was looking into the murder of Adam Kowalski and interested in Nazi-looted artwork. Gordon says there was little he could tell Walsh because Gordon himself is only interested in art he can buy and sell.

They get a forwarded email from Pastor Jessop, which she had gotten from her nephew, Brock. Brock had found a snippet of a conversation on the dark web, one that includes an image of the Death Triumphant, whereby three individuals quarreled over the purchase of a “goth knickknack” – they surmise the three individuals were Prof Walsh, Joey (posing as Tully), and Carson. When Alex delves into the matter, he uncovers another exchange, from about a month earlier, between Carson and Walsh. In that conversation, Carson insists that Walsh retrieve the Death Triumphant for him. When Walsh refuses, Carson tells him “you know what I did to Kowalski.” Alex decides to draw Carson out, and posts on the dark web that a Lost Art Red Room will take place on Saturday. He lists the prices for viewing (there’s even an HD option) and starts taking paid requests for methods of destruction.

Jensen gets a call from an arson investigator named Helliwell, who explains that he found Jensen’s business card in the remnants of Hillerman’s briefcase. The investigator is trying to find any local contact for Hillerman, who is considered a missing person. Creswell calls with news about Clive, who was spotted by the Ewing’s desk clerk. Clive, according to the clerk, had been in the hotel restaurant the night before. He booked a table for two, but ate alone, and stayed until the restaurant closed. Later, shortly before the fire, hotel cameras captured the image of someone who looked remarkably similar to Clive going to the floor of Hillerman’s room. (Hillerman himself was caught on camera going down to the hotel gym before the fire, and another camera showed him exiting the building safely during the fire alarm.) Creswell also tells Jensen that an envelope was left for Hillerman at the front desk, one that contained two saint medallions – Gregory the Great, and St. Basil.

Alex, meanwhile, gets a call from the desk clerk at the Intercontinental. The clerk, paid to call if he sees Nathan Clarken, says that his co-worker aruged with Clarken the night before last. Clive had wanted to see the guest list and said he was looking for Tory Fleming. When he didn’t get to see the list he became angry, but eventually left without incident. (Alex promises something special for the clerk in return for this info.)


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