The Saints of October

Session 13

Alex and Carson exchange some goading messages, and when Andy calls Jensen to check in on the case, Alex tells Andy he’s charging him a daily driving fee. Alex and Jensen hang out in Tory Fleming’s hotel room, racking up the bill by raiding the mini-bar and watching porn, but Fleming doesn’t return. They request a 4 a.m. wake-up call from the front desk.

The next morning, Lt. Creswell texts an online article link to Jensen, for a news story at the MinnPost by Janey Metz. Metz claims, among other things, that a killer is targeting people connected to the local art-museum scene and indicates that Professor Walsh has left town. Upon doing some research, they learn that Walsh owns two smartphones, and track them both. One, the newer of the phones, is offline or out of range, but the other is at the university campus. When they arrive on campus, they learn that Walsh has taken two weeks off and applied for an extended hiatus on the grounds of an unexpected family emergency. Alex sets off a fire alarm and uses the distraction to enter Walsh’s office and take the phone. With it, they piece together that Walsh has gone to San Diego to stay with relatives. They send a text to Fleming from Walsh’s phone, asking Fleming to meet again.

With their car trackers, they see Creswell go to Hartley’s Antiques, but they can see that Hartley’s car is parked in the Phillips West neighborhood. Thanks to their surveillance equipment at Denton Kowalski’s apartment, they know that James Hillerman pays a visit to the old man. After that, they get a call from Creswell, who’s concerned that all this interest in Kowalski could mean he’s in danger.

They return to the Foshay hotel, wait for Fleming who never shows, and start copying the Death Triumphant. They mail the original, and four seemingly-similar packages, to different PO Boxes around town. They retain the decoy of the statue. The next morning, Creswell calls to say that there was a fire at the Hewing Hotel, and that one of their guests – James Hillerman – is missing. Shortly after that, a Foshay clerk delivers an envelope to Jensen and Alex. Inside is a storage unit key and a note from Hillerman, stating that he’s abandoning the case and going back to British Columbia.


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