The Saints of October

Session 12

After harassing Lt. Creswell and getting food delivered by Grub Hub to the crime scene, Jensen and Alex retire to a hotel for the night. They stay at the Foshay, where Prof Walsh’s car had been earlier. The next morning, Jensen gets a call from Mitzy Pabst, Hector Russell’s ex-wife. She asks him if they can talk in person and he goes to her hotel, The Ivy. They discuss Hector’s murder (4 years ago) and the disappearance and reappearance of the dead infant. Mitzy gives him a copy of the police report and says she feels the murder was never a priority because everyone assumed it was a crazy fan. She tells him about Tina Alvorez – an actress from Hector’s first movie. Alvorez had been in an on again off again relationship with Hector at the time of his death. Alvorez said that Hector had agreed to an interview with a journalist from a magazine she’d never heard of. After the murder she looked into the magazine and found it didn’t exist. But no one thought anything of it.

Meanwhile, Alex has quizzed the desk clerk and found out that guest named Tory Fleming was the person Walsh met with. Alex convinces the clerk they’re acquainted and gets Fleming’s room number. Alex asks him to call up to the room, but no one answers. Alex picks the lock and waits around in the room, but Fleming never shows.

Gordon Hartley calls to warn them about a rumor of a recovery agent from the Ontario museum looking for the Death’s Triumph. He adds this could be a ruse to drive the price down, and advises them to be subtle.

They get an alert from Denton Kowalski’s video bug, and watch a visitor come in to ask about Adam. They overhear a conversation about some crazy theories about Adam’s murder, and Denton mentions Jensen, but the conversation moves into the kitchen. They catch the visitor saying his name is Tory, but miss the rest.

Then they get a call from a Canadian detective, James Hillerman, who says he was hired by Maud Parker’s sister. They meet him and he explains how he thinks there’s a connection between Maud’s and Adam’s murders. Hillerman says that Parker’s curio shop was robbed a week before her death, and that a centuries-old pendant she always wore was missing after her death.


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