The Saints of October

Session 11

Alex texts a photo of the Death Triumphant to Clive, reminding him of the ‘first come, first serve’ policy, but gets no reply. They note Professor Walsh’s car going from the university to the airport, and then to the Foshay hotel. To be thorough, they drive to the rest area, confirm that the bags of drugs are not still there, and then return to the city. Jensen gets a call from Lt. Creswell, asking if he minds his phone number being given to Mitzy Pabst – the ex-wife of the late Hector Russell, whose dead baby was found in Jensen’s apartment. Ms. Pabst has expressed interest in speaking with the person who discovered her baby’s remains which, until recently, had been missing for years. Jensen gives his consent to share his contact information.

They go to meet Tim Ainsworth in the Reservoir Woods Park’s mayor’s garden. When Tim accuses Alex of wrecking John’s undercover gig, Jensen attempts to create his own brand of chaos by slapping Alex. They scoff at Tim’s demand for money, and walk away without preamble. Back in the parking lot, they discover a boot on Alex’s car. Jensen removes it easily and then Phil, Tim’s pawn shop guard, lumbers out of the shadows. Phil is disgruntled about his own failure. Alex half-threatens, half-cajoles Phil into accompanying them. They drive to mill city where Phil says John is being held under a silo.

In the abandoned, industrial area, they find Jensen’s car with the windows smashed, and chase a teenager who throws rocks at them. After giving up on the pursuit and returning through a pair of silos, they find an open door that leads to a tunnel. They sneak up on a hired thug of Ainsworth’s, who is holding a gun on John, although the undercover cop is tied up securely. Alex barges forward to distract the thug, giving Jensen the opportunity to shoot both the tunnel’s only light and then the criminal. Jensen tries to call Ainsworth to gloat, but gets no answer. Alex frees John who calls his precinct, and they take the thug up to the car and handcuff him to Phil.

Jensen calls Lt. Crewswell to say “I shot a guy” and then hangs up.


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