The Saints of October

Session 10

After hearing about the Belmont’s hotel history and how the building was, and still is, connected by a tunnel (of not inconsiderable length) to Liquor Lyle’s, a holdover from the days of Prohibition, Alex and Jensen explore the tunnel themselves. They find a passage from Psalms written on the wall – recently, in marker – “Happy shall he be that taketh thy little ones and dasheth them upon the stones”. They find a recent receipt from the Intercontinental Hotel and eventually make their way into a storeroom in the back of the local bar. They meet Liquor Lyle manager Cindy and bartender Braeden and, after some general chicanery, learn that Cindy has been allowing someone named Clive to access the tunnel.

Cindy says that Clive claimed to be in the Witness Protection Program, and wanted to use the tunnel to safely visit a relative in the Belmont. She didn’t really believe him, but played along because he paid for the access and didn’t otherwise cause trouble. She shares a photo she surreptitiously snapped, and Jensen sends that photo along to both Lt. Creswell and Madeleine Rigby. Jensen offers to pay for a tip-off the next time Clive shows up in the bar.

Alex gets a text from Carson, which includes a French turn of phrase that might indicate Caron’s renewed interest in Pastor Jessop’s nephew. They warn Rigby. They go to the Intercontinental and inquire about Clive, learning that he checked out a few days ago. They offer the same deal of payment to the hotel clerk, should he see Clive again. Then Jensen discovers a voicemail from his landlord, telling him there’s an envelope left behind for him, and Al, the landlord, wanted him to know since he guesses Jensen has left town. (Al assumes this based on the disappearance of Jensen’s car.)

They go to Jensen’s apartment and find a note from Tim Ainsworth, insisting that they reimburse him for his lost drug money (resulting from the well-hidden drugs at the rest area) and Tim says he’ll plan evidence of a crime in the car. On top of that, he sends a photo of Alex’s undercover-cop friend, John, and says he’ll murder John if he doesn’t get his money. They go to Spyhouse Coffee in search of Tim’s brother, Mark, but no one has seen him in two days.


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